Fishing Islamorada - Feb 17 - 19, 2005

Friday, February 18 - Fishing with Capt. Glen Miller on the Gon Fishin' V

After a spectacular day of fishing yesterday (a cooler full of dinner fish), we were ready to see if we could slay some big fish. Ian, Kelly and Jeff were on top of their game, more or less.

Jeff sets the pace, first up to bait and hook. The video tells the rest!


Ian's not one to be outdone. Jeff set his camera up to catch Ian catching a Cobia too!

Jeff's hooked up again.


The action continues with everyone hooking up.
Of course we loose a fish or two in our oceanic adventure, but that happens...

Captain has another spot. We head out. Kelly and Jeff on top...We all enjoy the view!



Pictures just don't seem to do it justice...
here's what it's really like.







Captain puts us on a spot and Kelly hooks up.

Kelly fights this fish, from starboard stern to bow (over the outriggers)...
Kelly holds his own on the bow, then follows the fish to the stern (back over the outriggers), while reeling him in...aft back, the fish takes him...multiple directions before he gets him!

This is what the fight was all about...Kelly's African Pompano.

Absolutely awesome! Kelly Surkon with his first African Pompano!

In between catching fish, we looked for sails... Capt. saw three...
We hooked two...lost them...drank beer to perfect our technique.

Next stop, double-header with Jeff and Karen for Black Grouper.

Jeff's got it all with a 28 lb Black Grouper...Karen's, at 20 lbs, is dinner tonight!

Get our last fish in the box and celebrate all the way home!

Great day, eh?

Thank you, again, Captain Glen and Sam!

Back at the dock, Kelly's African Pompano is the first on the rungs.


 Capt. Glen and Sam put our fish on display while we make a Rum Runner run!


Well, don't forgot Jeff's Cobia... Here's our catch of the day! Jeff and Kelly rule!

Here's a great shot of all the fishermen!

Eight fish filled up our same cooler! Told fish stories at the dock with Capt. Glen and Sammy
'til way after dark. Another great day aboard the Gon Fishin' V!

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