Fishing Islamorada - Feb 17 - 19, 2005

Saturday, February 19 - Fishing with Capt. Bill Bender on the Chesapeake Lady

After two days fishing outside, Kelly and Jeff were keen to try something different.
Ian had planned the trip with Capt. Bill for all those who were still keen to keep on fishing!

Bill is one of the few licensed Captains to fish the Everglades National Park
and it's always a treat to go out with him!

We head out from Chesapeake Resort and "skim the water" to Flamingo!
This is a pit stop for anything we've forgotten. We were delighted Capt. Bill
took time to show us the resident alligator and newly-mothered ospray!


It was windy so Capt. Bill found a place for us to hide.
Ian only has time to breathe a little fresh air...

Then we all start hooking and catching Drum!
We pick up all we can and then head off
to another one of Capt. Bill's favorite spots...

Capt. Bill put us in another place to hide from the wind.


We keep warm here, but too many other anglers are doing the same.
We opt to go for snapper, with another quick a stop at Flamingo.

Then we head back, with a plan to fish a snapper hole.

On the way, we spot a flock of flamingos.
Capt. Bill changes his path and darts towards them!
Look closely to see them in this picture...

Hearing us coming, they all spread their wings and rise in sequence...
it's a flock of pink memory we'll never forget! Oh, we almost had them on video,
but we fumbled a bit with the camera (3 days in the Keys will do that to anyone!)

Capt. Bill puts us on one of his mangrove-snapper holes,
serenely protected from the gusty winds blowing today!


It's a skill to cast into the lots of practice.
Well, we all, at some point, hook a branch or two. We also catch several snapper!
Jeff gets so excited with one bite, he looses his tackle in the water! (Just happens to be
the Captain's newest rod and reel)

Kelly's THE MAN. He pulls the secondary anchor
...drop it...wait...drag it...once, twice, thrice...and once more for good luck!
All it takes is a little time and effort..
Wow then, Kelly raises anchor...with Jeff's tackle intact!...and a fish still on!
Oops!... again too busy to capture the action on camera.

After catching our load of mangrove snapper to add to our pack of drum, we head in!
The parasailers are incredible to watch as we near Chesapeake Resort!


Here's some parasailing action...

The local pelicans greet Capt. Bill at the cleaning table. One, two...


Don't worry If you don't catch a snapper, there's plenty here for everyone!

And there's more!

Thanks, again, Captain Bill! You're the best!