Fishing Islamorada - July 12 - 15, 2004

Monday, July 12 - Fishing with Capt. Glen Miller (& Mate Justin)

Capt. Glen arranges a split for us. Cherri, Karen & Ian
with Bass fishermen Mike and his nephew Ray!
schoolies...only cows & bulls!

Our catch of the day! Fill the rungs...little ones are stacked 2 deep!

Thank You, Captain Glen! And Mate Justin

Sushi at the Dock! Capt. Glen's wife, Lizette, is usually at the dock to greet him. Her real estate business is taking off, so only his daughter is there saying, "Scoot me up, Dad". And then,".More, I want more!!"

Fresh Fish for Dinner! Ian invited our new fishing friends, Mike & Ray for a fish fry! We stayed in efficiencies at Days Inn just a few block from Holiday Isle Marina. Cherri & Ian made it all happen.

Tuesday, July 13 - Fishing with Capt. Merv Finch (& Mate Brian)

Capt. Merv arranges a split for us. Cherri, Karen & Ian
with Mineral Man Ted and Diving Couple Mark & Renee!
End of Day 2...No
schoolies...Ted beats Ian's best of 26 lbs. with 27.5!

Wednesday, July 14 - Fishing with Capt. Glen Miller (& Mate Justin)

Today, Cherri, Ian & I charter with Capt. Glen & Justin and our guests,
Capt. Ron Smith and his lovely wife and tennis champion, Marie!

This was a fun and exhausting first stop . It was 10:00am. Capt. Glen spots 1...2 fish in the water..
And then 3 & 4 and, yes, 7...& then 10! We anxiously waited in anticipation until Capt. Glen gave us the big thumbs up "Let's get'em all!" And we did. By 11:00am. 10 fish from the deep blue sea on the boat!

Capt. Ron (Lazy Days Charters Tarpon fishing, Cape Coral, Florida) grins like a Cheshire cat,
"This trip could stop right now and I would be happy. I wouldn't need to do another thing today." And then after catching his breath and taking it all in and kissing his wife of some 35 years, relishes in the continuum of precious moments and shares his thoughts, "Oh no, not another beautiful day in FLorida!"

Thursday, July 15 - Fishing with Capt.Bill Bender

On our last day of fishing, the water laid flat, almost like glass - or a mirror you could dive into and actually find yourself. Capt. Bill knows the waters and the fish from Tampa Bay to the Keys. He is modest and kind, and hilarious! Interspersing fact with humour, Capt. Bil shares his vast knowledge of the waters and the fish with you! He is one of those Captains who deserve knighthood!

This is 23 miles out in the ocean, in a 23-25 foot skiff made for backwater, with an electric reel engineered to drop 700 feet in the deep blue sea.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

OK, Ian got excited. So did the little rascal (Tile fish))!

Sir Bill, thank you for another incredible day on the water! We'll see you for Snook in September!

Friday, July 16 - Relaxing & Keeping Tabs on Cherri

There's a whole world out there for all of us to enjoy! Cherri remembers!