Fishing with Capt. Glen Miller (aka "The Midnight Man")
on Gon Fishing V, Holiday Isle Marina, Islamorada, Florida Keys

Awesome Captain! Good crew! Great Fish!

Pung! Pung! Fish are stacked 2 deep on the rungs!
And there's another 30 fish at our feet!

Our trip started at 6:30am. When we arrived back at the dock,
at 5pm, Capt. Glen filleted our catch while we enjoyed his
melt-in-your-mouth tuna sushi with soya sauce and wasabi!
We went home spent
at 7:30pm. That's fishing with The Midnight Man!

For Capt. Glen, it was another day doing what he loves to do!
His wife, Lizette, was at the dock with their children to greet him
with smiles and kisses. Capt. Glen makes happiness happen for everyone!